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Torta Beef Loaf

Dec 4, 2020 | Recipes


• 1 can Holiday Beef Loaf Regular 150g, mashed

• 3 eggs beaten

• 2 pcs onion leaves, coarsely chopped

• Pinch of salt

• Cooking oil


• Coarsely mash beef loaf using fork. Set aside.

• Beat 3 eggs, add salt.

• Add mashed beef loaf in beaten eggs. 

• Add onion leaves and mix using fork. 

• Heat oil in a pan. Use minimal oil only. 

• Scoop (est) ¼ cup of mixture and place in hot pan. Distribute to even thickness.

• Fry each side until brown. This mixture can make 5-6 pieces.


• Mixture can also be cooked omelet-style.

• For kids: Serve omelet with smiley face using ketchup.

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